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Letters from Prison

April 13, 2022

Letters coming from prisons across North America are telling the story of God’s work there. 

“We regularly receive letters from Today readers in prison who express their gratitude and tell us how much God has been working in their lives,” said Jeff Bulthuis, managing editor for Today, ReFrame’s daily devotions. 

ReFrame Ministries recently shared scanned images of several recent letters on a new webpage featuring Letters from Prison.

One of the letters came from Nicholas, an inmate who has been reading Today for the past year.

“I want to thank you very much from the bottom of my heart!” Nicholas wrote. “I have really enjoyed Today, and it has helped me through some tough times. Before coming to prison, I was lost – or at least my relationship with God was definitely not where I wanted it to be! This experience [in prison] has been a nightmare that I never want to experience again. But I’m glad it happened, as it is what was needed for God to shed a different light in my life!”

Nicholas also included a gift of $30, “to try and help others” as ReFrame helped him with the free gift of Today devotions.

“What an incredibly generous amount [Nicholas gave], when you consider that most incarcerated people make less than $1 an hour in their jobs!” Bulthuis said. 

Nalana echoed Nicholas’s gratefulness to God despite being in prison. She has been reading Today during her morning Bible study time for more than a year, and it has helped her see God’s presence in her life.

“God had to sit me down in prison for seven years to find him, become intimate with him, and learn what our life is truly meant for,” Nalana said. “I went from gang culture to being on fire for Christ.”

In total, ReFrame sends about 13,500 copies of Today to prisons or prison chaplains, with the largest quantities going to prisons in San Diego, Calif., and near Chicago, Ill. 

ReFrame invites everyone to join in praying for Nalana, Nicholas, and all other Today readers who are celebrating new life in Christ this Easter. 

An inmate named Anthony shared this prayer request: “Pray that all of the inmates’ needs are met and that peace, love, grace, mercy, and God's love will always be with us to protect us. May the whole world seek the kingdom.”