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Committee for Contact with Government


Colin Conrad

Colin Conrad

Colin Conrad is a member of the CRCNA's Committee for Contact with the Government (CCG), the supporting committee of the Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue, where he focuses on climate action and theology. He is also an Assistant Professor in Information Management at Dalhousie University and a member of All Nations Christian Reformed Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Jacqui Mignault

Born and raised in Calgary, AB, Jacqui has degrees in Music and Theology. Her journey into full-time ministry started while working as a Spiritual Director and Retreat Facilitator and volunteering as a women’s group leader in what is now The Road Church in Calgary, AB. Pursuing her call to pastoral ministry, in 2017 she was ordained as a Commissioned Pastor, and simultaneously accepted two part-time positions as a Co-Pastor at The Road Church and a Campus Minister for Mount Royal University. When she is not working, Jacqui enjoys time exploring Alberta with husband Brad and her two daughters, Evangeline (10) and Emmanuelle (7) and the (way too many) pets they love.

Dena Nicolai

Dena Nicolai is a chaplain and the Refugee Support Mobilizer with the Christian Reformed Churches of Vancouver and the lower mainland of British Columbia. She believes that all Christians are called, with the discernment of the Spirit, to engage in dialogue and the political process in some capacity, and her participation in the work of the Centre for Public Dialogue stems from her own personal wrestling with that calling. She sees glimpses of the kingdom in the faithful presence of Christians in all areas of life—and at this current moment in Canada, particularly, in the welcoming of refugees and the work of reconciliation with the Indigenous peoples of North America. In her experience, the best place to begin difficult conversations and make plans for collaboration for the common good is around a table filled with food, even if her own culinary skills are still rising to the challenge. 

Samia Saad

Samia Saad

Samia Saad has worked at The Lighthouse for the last 25 years as director of the Hispanic Ministry coordinating programs for immigrants and refugees and providing psychotherapy using a holistic approach to wellbeing. For the first 10 years she was the refugee sponsorship coordinator helping CRC Classis Toronto churches sponsor refugees. She is originally from Colombia and migrated to Canada when she was a teenager. She obtained her M.Div in counselling psychology from Tyndale University College and Seminary and her M.A in interdisciplinary studies from York University. She has researched and written on refugees and the psychosocial impact of going through the refugee determination process. She has a passion for dialogue and justice, which stems from her belief in building the kingdom of God on earth based on the values of care for the planet and the dignity of human life. Samia is married to Nestor and they both enjoy the outdoors and making their home greener.

Lea Wilkening

Lea Wilkening is a member of ClearView CRC in Oakville, Ontario. She believes that the Bible was written first to communities and then to individuals and sees doing justice as following the biblical mandate to work together to share the gospel in word and deed. She previously served as Community Engagement Specialist at ClearView CRC in Oakville Ontario and is currently an mDiv student in the distance program at Calvin Theological Seminary. She received a BS in Accountancy from the University of Illinois-Urbana and worked as a public accountant in Illinois for 13 years before moving to Canada with her husband, John, and their two sons. Her experience in the public sector, along with her ministry work in community development has sparked a desire to tap into the power of communities, by the work of the Spirit, to promote reconciliation and healing as a witness for Christ in the public sphere.