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Ministry Shares Re-imagined

Synod 2019 suggested, and a special meeting of the COD in 2020 approved, a new method of continuing our covenant together. Instead of setting a specific amount per member, they recommend that each congregation prayerfully consider how much it can contribute towards our shared ministry efforts. 

The first set of pledges is due in the fall of 2020 and will be discussed at fall classis meetings. The pledges will then be forwarded to the CRCNA offices by January 31, 2021 so that a budget can be created for the 2021-2022 ministry year. (See "Ministry Shares Re-Imagined: What You Can Expect"). This webinar recording provides additional details about the schedule and what is expected from each congregation.

In July 2020, a letter was sent to all CRCNA congregations to provide some guidance on how to determine their pledge. In addition, churches may wish to show the ministry share video at a congregational or council meeting to help remind their members about the importance of this covenant program.

Ministry Shares Re-Imagined